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Uber Works User Guidelines

We want Uber Works to be enjoyable for everyone. These User Guidelines were developed to help make every Uber Works experience feel safe, respectful, and positive. They apply to everyone who uses the Uber Works app. Thank you for joining us to support and safeguard a welcoming environment.

The guidelines below help explain some of the specific kinds of behavior that may cause you to lose access to the Uber Works app. There will always be unforeseen events that may ultimately lead to your losing access to the Uber Works app, but the following guidelines are sufficient cause for Uber Works to take action. We’ll update these guidelines regularly. Please take a moment to read them.

Everyone who signs up for an Uber Works account is required to follow Uber Works’ User Guidelines. They reflect the following pillars and the standards in each of these sections.

Treat everyone with respect

Chances are, when you use the Uber Works app, you’ll encounter people who might not look like you or share your beliefs. The guidelines in this section help to foster positive interactions during every experience.

Help keep one another safe

We’re hard at work every day to help create safer experiences for everyone. Your safety drives us. That’s why these standards were written.

Follow the law

We’re committed to following all applicable laws and earning your trust, and we expect everyone who uses the Uber Works app to do their part and adhere to applicable laws and regulations.

Your feedback matters

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, we make it easy for you to tell us. Our team is continuously improving our standards, and your feedback is important to keep our standards relevant as our technology evolves.

Treat your fellow Uber Works app users and people you may interact with during your shift (including but not limited to fellow workers, business customers and their customers, and supervisors on your shift) as you would like to be treated: with respect. The actions you take while using the Uber Works app can have a big impact on the safety and comfort of others. Courtesy matters. That’s why you’re expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently toward other people when using the Uber Works app and on your way to, and during, each shift.

Most importantly, remember that when you use the Uber Works app, by selecting workers or supervising workers on-site, or working on-site at a business, you’ll meet people who may look different or think differently than you. Please respect those differences. We believe that everyone should feel supported and welcomed when they use the Uber Works app, and when they interact with workers or businesses who use the app. That’s why we’ve created standards on physical contact, sexual assault and misconduct, threatening and rude behavior, discrimination, and reliability.

Physical contact

Don’t touch strangers or anyone you just met while working or hosting a shift you connected with through the Uber Works app. Hitting, hurting, or otherwise intending to hurt anyone is never allowed.

Sexual assault and misconduct

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited. Sexual assault and misconduct refers to sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent of the other person.

Personal space and privacy should be respected. The following list provides some examples of inappropriate conduct but doesn’t include all possible examples:

  • Behaviors and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Examples include nudges, whistles, and winks. Don’t touch or flirt with people you don’t know.
  • Certain conversations that could be perceived as harmless can be offensive. Don’t comment on appearance, perceived gender identity, or sexual orientation. Refrain from asking unrelated personal questions, such as “Are you in a relationship?” Avoid discussing your own or someone else’s sex life, using explicit language, or making jokes about sex.
  • Uber Works has a no-sex rule. Sexual contact is prohibited between workers, workers and supervisors, and workers and customers of a business while on or hosting a shift connected through the Uber Works app, regardless of whether you know the person or they give you their consent. This includes activities such as sexual intercourse, solicitation of sexual intercourse, masturbation, or touching or exposure of sexual body parts.

Threatening and rude behavior

Aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is not allowed. Don’t use language or make gestures that could be disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate. And contact should generally end when a shift is complete.


You should always feel safe and welcome. That’s why we don’t tolerate users on the Uber Works app engaging in conduct we’ve determined to be discriminatory. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as their age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.


For workers: businesses rely on Uber Works’ users to meet their workplace needs. This means that if a worker claims a shift, they will show up for their shift promptly as scheduled—and if they don’t, they may be penalized according to the following Uber Works attendance policy:

Workers who accrue 6 marks within a rolling 30-day period will lose access to the Uber Works platform for 7 days. Workers who accrue 10 marks within a rolling 30-day period will permanently lose access to Uber Works. Please note that 2 no-call, no-shows (not showing up for a shift at all and not informing Uber Works) within a rolling 12-month period will also result in permanent loss of access to Uber Works.

Attendance marks are accumulated as follows:

  • 2 marks for every 15 minutes late, up to 5 marks
  • 2 marks for canceling 2 hours to 24 hours before a shift start
  • 3 marks for canceling 30 minutes to 2 hours before a shift start
  • 4 marks for being sent home early due to behavior or uniform issues
  • 6 marks for canceling less than 30 minutes before a shift start or for a no-call, no-show

Reliability also means showing up in the proper attire and being willing and able to complete the work as described.

For business customers: business customers should provide accurate descriptions of their working conditions and expectations, such as worker roles and tasks. Business customers should not ask a worker to perform roles or tasks outside of the pre-described functions. Also, unless it’s unavoidable, business customers shouldn’t cancel worker requests within 24 hours of when the shift is supposed to start.

Everyone has a role to play in helping to create a safe environment. That’s why we have standards on account sharing, account holder age, and more.

Account sharing

Account sharing is not allowed. To use the Uber Works app, you need to register and maintain an active account. Don’t let another person use your account, and never share your personal username and password with anyone else.

People under the age of 18

You must be 18 years or older to have an Uber Works account.

Provide a safe space

Business customers should provide a safe area that makes workers feel welcome. That’s why business customers and their staff should exercise good judgment and behavior, just as they would with their own employees. For example, business customers should work to prevent violent incidents on their premises that might endanger workers’ safety.

We have standards based on applicable laws and regulations that everyone must follow. For example, using the Uber Works app to commit any crime—such as money laundering or theft—or to violate any other law is strictly prohibited.

Follow all laws

Everyone is responsible for knowing and obeying all applicable laws at all times when using the Uber Works app.

All relevant licenses, permits, certifications, and any other legal documents required of business customers and workers must be kept up to date. Business customers and workers are expected to meet all relevant licensing and certification requirements and all other laws and regulations—including food safety, health, and hygiene regulations—and industry best practices.

Drugs and alcohol

Drug use and consumption of alcohol are never allowed while using the Uber Works app.

Firearms ban

Workers and business customers are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while using the Uber Works app.


Deception can weaken trust and also be dangerous. Intentionally falsifying information or assuming someone else’s identity—for example, when signing in or undergoing a security check, or on a government work form—isn’t allowed, and in most cases it’s illegal. It is important to provide accurate information when reporting incidents, creating and accessing your accounts, or disputing shift start or end times or break times. Only clock in when you’re on-site and ready to begin your shift, not before, and clock out when you leave, not after.

Fraudulent activity may also include, but not be limited to, being dishonest about your job experience or professional capabilities; deliberately increasing or falsifying break times; placing worker requests and canceling at the last minute for fraudulent purposes; creating dummy or improper duplicate accounts for fraudulent purposes; providing inaccurate timekeeping or asking workers to perform a role or task beyond the agreed time frame for fraudulent purposes, such as wage theft; intentionally requesting, accepting, or completing fraudulent or falsified shifts; claiming to complete a shift without ever going to a worksite or clocking in; and actions intended to disrupt or manipulate the normal functioning of the Uber Works app, including manipulating the settings on a phone to prevent the proper functioning of the app, such as location tracking.

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, we make it easy for you to tell us. Our team is continuously improving our standards, and your feedback is important to keep our standards relevant as our technology evolves. Please rate your experience at the end of each shift. Honest feedback helps ensure that everyone is accountable for their behavior. This accountability helps create a respectful, safe environment. And if something happens and you want to report it, you can send a text to 312-548-9264 or email to so that our Support team can follow up. In case of an emergency or if you find yourself in immediate danger, alert your local authorities or emergency services before notifying Uber Works.


After every shift, business customers and workers are able to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, as well as give feedback on how the shift went. This feedback system helps create a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everyone.

Business customers and workers can find out their current rating by contacting our support line at 312-548-9264.

If you believe an error caused you to lose access to your account, you may send a text to 312-548-9264 or email to so that our Support team can follow up.

We believe it’s important to have clear standards that explain the circumstances in which you may lose access to the Uber Works app. If you violate any applicable terms of use, terms of the contractual agreement you agreed to when signing up for an account with Uber Works, or any of these User Guidelines, you can lose access to the Uber Works app. And if you have more than one Uber Works account, such as a business customer account and a worker account, violating the User Guidelines could also lead you to lose access to all Uber Works accounts.

Uber Works receives feedback through a variety of channels, reviews reports submitted to our Support team that may violate our User Guidelines, and may investigate through a specialized team. If we’re made aware of potentially problematic behavior, we may contact you so we can look into it. We may, at our sole discretion, put a hold on your account until our review is complete.

Not following any one of our guidelines may result in the loss of access to your Uber Works account. This may include certain actions you may take outside of the Uber Works app, if we determine that those actions threaten the safety of the Uber Works community or cause harm to Uber Works’ brand, reputation, or business. And if the issues raised are serious or a repeat report, or you refuse to cooperate, you may lose access to the Uber Works app. Any behavior involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while working a shift using the Uber Works app can result in the immediate loss of access to the Uber Works app. Additionally, when law enforcement is involved, we will cooperate with their investigation.

Existing workers may also lose the ability to be matched with certain shifts on the Uber Works app based on the results of a background check, in accordance with applicable laws.

Getting back to work after deactivation

If you’re a worker and you lose access to Uber Works because you are deemed to have violated the Uber Works attendance policy, you may have the opportunity to have your Uber Works account reactivated if you provide proof (for instance, a doctor’s note) that excuses your absence(s).