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Get it done. Find a worker now.

Uber Works helps you find workers whenever your business needs it, whether it’s last-minute or a regular shift.

Let us help you find the right help

Worker screenings

Every worker must complete an I-9 form, undergo a background check, and pass a skills assessment. We expect everyone who uses our platform to follow the Uber Works User Guidelines.

Information at every step

See cost estimates before you confirm, access worker profiles and ratings with a click, and track hours from start to finish.

On-demand availability

Whether you’re looking for one or 100 workers, or if it’s last-minute or weeks away, we can help you find the right people to fill a shift.

How it works

Post a job

Provide details for the shift, including uniform requirements, arrival instructions, and a point of contact.

Verify hours

After the shift, you’ll receive a record of when a worker clocked in and out, so you can confirm their hours.

See who’s coming

View workers at a glance, including their profile, their rating, and when they’re on their way.

Rate and review

Our 2-way rating system helps create a safe community and recognizes someone’s hard work and effort.

“Placing and filling a request with Uber Works could not be any easier.”

Start filling your shifts